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Pool's temperature

This is how I made a really cheap solar pool heater, and it works! It is a simple coiled hose attached to a wood frame and placed on the hot concrete. The pump is for a pond and moves 900 gallons per hour. The hose is 3/4" and about 200 foot long. It will heat the water about 5 degrees above the ambient pool temperature on a partly cloudy day...

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Pool Design, Sample Of Lap Pool Design With Block Paving And Green Plantation Alongside: Lap Pools - Personal Pools Just For You

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raspberry pi wireless pool temperature sensor

Boulder Hot Springs Inn, Spa, & Retreat Center : Montana's Boulder Hot Springs is a 100-year-old historic inn in a natural, healing, and relaxing environment. Our pools are filled with geothermal waters that are delightful for soaking and swimming. The indoor pool temperature is kept at 104 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit, while the 20-foot by 60-foot outdoor pool is kept at 92 to 100 degrees seasonally. Anna /BC

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Hörghlíðarlaug: This water in this pool comes from three houses but one of the houses only has cold water so that one is used to cool it down. It has the perfect temperature 40°C and on the side of the pool there are dressing rooms. Be aware that this pool is owned by the farmers who live there so just ask for permission before you dip in!

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