Pool Noodle Trampoline

DIY Pool Noodle Trampoline Springs for kids safety #diy #home #kids

Cover the springs of your trampoline with sliced up pool noodles as an extra safety precaution. | 41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer

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Replace A Worn Out Trampoline Safety Pad With Pool Noodles ~ Easy DIY

Summer FUN!! Perfect for use on the backyard Trampoline or simply to cool-off under. Cheap and easy to make too!

Pool noodles to cover coils on trampoline - genius!

Pool Noodle - trampoline spring guards

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Pool Noodle Trampoline

This is so clever if your trampoline spring cover is ruined. - also great for safety while the kids are jumping!

A trampoline decorated with pool noodles!

Pool noodle Trampoline Spring covers :)

Pool Noodle Trampoline Springs

Simple trampoline safety hack: use pool noodles to cover springs from And Next Comes L

Such a smart way to cover springs on a trampoline! Cut up pool noodles!

Rainbow Trampoline ?? Using Only Pool Noodles

You searched for pool noodles on trampolin - Family Review Guide

Pool noodles have a ton of uses, Share your Favorite "Pool Noodle Repurpose" in the comments below, the top 5 that get the most "Likes" will receive Coupons for Free All Natural Ice Cream (1.5Qts, Any Flavor!) from Turkey Hill Dairy! Photos appreciated, but not required to play! Example... cutting a pool noodle into sections to use to cover the springs on a trampoline...

Pool noodles as trampoline spring covers, revised. After a few days, I realized the pool noodle covers were coming off pretty easily with child force. Not surprised since you have to cut a slit in the pool noodle to put them on. I used some fun colored duck tape to secure them. Also, when making these, keep in mind, particularly around the entrance area, you will want to cut your noodle a little longer. When children are jumping or getting off, the spring expands. FYI I got 8 covers per noodle.

replace a worn out trampoline safety pad with pool noodles ~ Easy DIY, #trampoline,#diy, #poolnoodles, #homeimprovement

Sunken Trampoline

Use pool noodles to make the trampoline Safer!

Pool noodles cover the springs! No more getting pinched :)

Pool Noodle Trampoline Springs