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How to make an outdoor pool umbrella half barrel flower pot stand. Shade! 1) Real/resin half barrel (drill holes in the bottom for drainage) 2) QUIKRETE or a cement block that has a hole in the center for your post 3) Put in PVC pipe (spray paint to liking) 4)Use small stones or pebbles to increase the stability. Cover with dirt and plant flowers. 6) If you use a tilt umbrella the wind may blow it in a circle. Drill hole in PVC, put screw in place.


The In Pool Umbrella - This is the in-pool umbrella that provides a 7'-diameter canopy to shade bathers. Floating freely in water with a depth of 2' or greater, the umbrella uses a rust-proof aluminum pole with an affixed 6-lb. counterweight at its bottom to stay in position in breezes or waves, whether in a pool, lake, pond, or ocean.


There was a point in time when that iconic one piece swimsuit was only reserved for swim meets, moms, or those seriously sun-averse beach goers. For years, no one would’ve been caught dead in a solo swimsuit, but the most coveted designers... Continue reading →


Marvelous Black Canvas Shade Umbrella Sleeve Feat Blue Rectangle Swimming Pool As Well As Green Grass Around As Inspiring Pool Shade Decor Ideas