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Typographie #6 : Du caractère pour dessiner !

Love this graphic design layout and inspiration! This choice may seem a bit out of the ordinary but I love the pop art influence. The use of text warping is really well done and the yellow bar helps to unify the whole image as a "binding"

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Les adresses de Maria Cristina Buccellati à Milan

Andy Warhol This piece of the work he created is very bold with the bright colours her used different type of collage. this is very eye catchy. His work looks very interesting, he shows alot of things that is going on his work.


Paint-Bleeding Portraits

This image goes really well with our current self portrait project. It easily incorporates many different aspects of a person in what appear to be newspaper clippings. I appreciate the vintage style of the piece. I also like the fact that it was able to combine so many different fragments in a way that makes them seem related. -Chy .Collage art. Paper art.