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Please take a look at: Pop Art Movement, Artists and Analysis of Works on The Art Story

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10 Pop Art Facts Every Young Collector Should Know

These 10 Pop Art facts help us understand the immense success of the movement and the factors that turned its artworks into some of the most lucrative ones

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Alan Cumming on how pop art found its pop! – video

Alan Cumming on how pop art found its pop! – video | Art and design |


I decided the first day of my 52nd year required some pop art to set the tone for a year of creativity. Before that there was oysters and bone dry Chablis. I've decided that the fact my birthday landed on the day we set our clocks back and got an extra hour a sign of abundance. It's going to be good.

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William Burroughs Urban Art by Matt Pecson Gifts for Writers 48x60 Beat Generation Large Wall Art Acrylic Painting New York City Art

Large Pop Art Painting 48x60 William Burroughs Large Wall Decor Large Wall Art Urban Art Red and Black Acrylic Painting Gift Ideas