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Сюрреализм Тони Футуры высмеивает современную поп-культуру

Tony Futura, a digital artist based in Berlin, creates surreal art that seems to poke fun at the materialism and pop-culture focus of modern Western life. His

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Quand la Pop Culture et les super-héros rencontrent la peinture flamande ! Excellent...

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Tony Futura Surreal Art We Love!

Tony Futura Surreal Art. Read more #Art

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Tony Futura Serves Us a Taste of Pop-Culture with a Twist

<p>Berlin based digital graphic artist Tony Futura likes to create simple images with a twist. Inspired by pop-culture his images tend to be visual hybrids with a pun. Currently he works in advertisin

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36 Pop Cultural Reinventions Of The American Gothic Painting

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Pop Culture Illustrations by Sam Gilbey

Da dum. Da dum. We're going to need bigger washer and dryer! UK Art Director and artist Sam Gilbey was inspired by the iconic Jaws poster and decided to put together something far, far more terrifying: Chores, a poster about doing the laundry....

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Van Gogh's Most Famous Paintings Meet Pop Culture Icons And The Result Is Stunning!

A special thank you to Aja Kusick for creating & sharing, and to Tech Insider for helping spread the word on this gorgeous pop-art:

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Mad Max, Ron Burgundy, And 17 Other Pop Culture Figures Get Their Own Fake Little Golden Book Covers

Remember artist Joey Spiotto's previous series of video game inspired My Little Golden Book covers (HERE and HERE)? Well now he's back with a ton more, featuring more video games, movies, TV shows and musical acts. I would read...