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Pop punk bands - hello music followers for those of you who like pop punk and don't follow all of my boards, I just made a pop punk board. I will no longer be pinning anymore pop punk lyrics, gifs, etc. in my music board. All followers are welcome to follow my board! :)

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If you like one of these bands listen to the other ones you may find one you love.

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pop punk string theory <-- except I strongly disagree that five seconds of summer is pop punk.

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The music on the radio always sucked. She left for Dallas after realizing this. The first thing she did there was buy cds. Only real music played in her car now.

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My Playlists - Playlist 4

These bands are the kind that can make you smile at a rif and a make you cry at a lyric. THIS IS MUSIC.

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Time for Christmas music<<<what about white Christmas by panic at the disco??

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• as it is are amazing! I love their music and found them through Patty's YouTube <3 My little babies. •

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