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I thought the brain was saying the answer was Jungkook. My brain would do that. On my test: "What's the square root of 49?" "Jungkook"

Never heard of that O.O I'M SO GONNA WATCH RN! -- BTS Thug Life once again /sigh*/ XD


Nope, no idea what it's like

from Holly Casto

How to Know if Your Product Will Sell

Testing the market before you release a product is a very good idea. It's a step that a lot of people skip, and to be honest, it's not something that I did in the beginning either, but now that I know better, it's very helpful. It is especially important if you are creating a product that requires a lot of upfront costs.  Here are some of the best ways to test the market before you go all-in with a product line. POP-UP SHOPS A pop-up shop is simply a temporary brick and mortar store…

from Little Bins for Little Hands

Pop Rocks Science Activity 5 Senses Learning for Kids

Explore the 5 senses with a simple science activity using Pop Rocks Candy! Pop Rocks are perfect for kids to test their sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight. Free printable Pop Rocks 5 senses science journal sheet is included. A fun way to explore science for kids at home or in school.