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I secretly hate when a favorite band suddenly becomes popular and mainstream. Anyone else go through this?

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The 1975: ‘No one's asking you to inspire a revolution. But inspire something’

The 1975 are a popular band at the minute and with a wide fan base by portraying them in our magazine it will gain attention of their fans

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Sting - born Gordon Sumner, was co-founder, bassist, and lead singer for London pop reggae trio, the Police. After 5 albums, and becoming the most popular band in the world, they split in 1983. With a very recognizable voice, he was able to sustain considerable popularity as a vibrant solo artist while mixing elements of jazz and world music rhythms into his sound.

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10. "Lithium" Alternative Songs Peak: No. 25 | Peak Date: 2/8/1992 | Nirvana's 10 Biggest Billboard Hits Banda grandes musicas...

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i remember liking them before they were popular and now its so cool seeing how far they have come

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Autumn Interiors 2014

The Smiths are a well known and popular band so by portraying them within the magazine because they are an older band it may attract more fans of theirs to it.

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Seriously though. Brendon could have just given up. But he didn't and he stayed successful and awesome. Brendon is one of my biggest inspirations. There are only some people that can make a whole album alone. That is pure talent and I love Brendon for making Death of a Bachelor.

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