Population groups

The Golden Bistritz - The Settlement of German Population Groups in Bukovina (I)- by Claus Stephani - translated by. Dr. Sophie A. Welisch

Cranberry compounds show potential for blood sugar management strategies. I guess that doesn't mean you should eat more of our SweeTart cupcakes. Or maybe you should...

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Population Health Management: Reducing Risk and Spend Across the Care Continuum - Healthcare's value-based purchasing increasingly favors a population-centric approach to health management, identifying risk across the care continuum. To control costs, healthcare organizations and employers are turning to population health management (PHM), defined as the management of integration and outcome measurements of any program affecting the health and productivity of a specific population or group.

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Did you know that there is a phone app that can interpret audio disturbances such as sirens, smoke alarms, car hornes or even crying children and can translate them into vibrations, text message alerts, or flashing lights? This app is designed for the deaf population. A group of students at USC and UCLA came together and created the app within two weeks for Android. Wow! Great job students!

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In case you want a reference for collective nouns (except for the last, which I would replace with "A charm of hummingbirds")!

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Inequality matters! The Report on the World Social Situation 2013 brings special attention to the disadvantages experienced by five specific social and population groups - youth, indigenous peoples, older persons, persons with disabilities and migrants.

History of the Gypsies: Romani, Sinti, Romanichal, Jenische, Yeniche, Irish and Scottish Travellers, Minceir, Pavees, quinqui, mercheros, There are a number of population groups with a traditionally itinerant (travelling) lifestyle in Europe, also variously known as "travellers", or "gypsies". The oldest and most widely dispersed of these groups are the Romani people.

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The monumentality of the complex, aiming to interpret a classical order, is obtained by carefully proportioned spatial devices which echo different architectural languages but end up being a coherent, identitarian system. This monumentality, in the aim of Pouillon, has a specific, ideological meaning: elevate the image of housing buildings destined to the poorest population groups of Alger.

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