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Luzon, Philippines - National Geographic Travel Daily Photo

Waterfalls cascade into a picture-perfect pool in Laguna, a province on Luzon Island in the Philippines. Luzon is the country’s largest island—and the fourth most populous island in the world. Photograph by Per-Andre Hoffmann, Aurora, January 14, 2015


Pictures of the day: 11 April 2011

༻✿༺ ❤️ ༻✿༺ The Philippine Eagle (Pithecopaga Jefferyi) is the world's largest eagle by body length. It's also one of the most exotically stunning! Unfortunately, it has been labeled as one of the most Critically Endangered (IUCN Red List) eagle species, w| an estimated population of less than 250 individuals. ༻✿༺ ❤️ ༻✿༺

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15 Breathtaking Places To Go Soul-Searching In The Philippines

The Interim -a excellent article about severe "morning" sickness. What not to do/say - and advice about how to treat the MOTHER.

University of the Philippines Diliman -is the fourth oldest and is the largest, in terms of student population, of all the seven (7) major campuses of the University of the Philippines.

Friends of NASA: Tondo, Manila, Philippines | Earth | Satellite Tondo is one of the most densely populated areas of the world with 72,000+ inhabitants per square kilometer. Located in the northwest portion of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, the district is primarily residential and contains many of the city’s slums. 14.617°N 120.967°E 10/28/2014