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Pork steaks are one of my favorite cuts of pork. They come from the shoulder or butt part of the pig. It’s actually a shoulder roast sliced into steaks so you’ll see the same marbling that makes pork shoulder roasts so flavorful. Years ago when pork steaks were still $1.98 a pound, they were a …


Bourbon and Peach Braised Pork Shoulder Steaks - this is now my favorite way to cook blade steaks! It's easy and showcases just how wonderful braising is with otherwise tough cuts of meat.

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How to Cook Pork Shoulder in a Crock Pot

Shoulder butt, blade steak and Boston roast are cut from the pork shoulder. Shoulder cuts tend to be fatty, tough and less expensive. One way to cook pork shoulder is slowly, in the Crock Pot. This will help tenderize the meat, until it eventually falls from the bone. Since the size of the Crock Pot will limit the amount of meat that can be...


How to Cook a Blade Steak

The heady flavors of steak aren’t just for special occasions; cooking a blade steak brightens even an ordinary weeknight. Less-expensive cuts, such as the blade steak, satisfy an appetite for red meat and respect your wallet. Also known as a petite steak and top chuck steak, this less-celebrated cut comes from the shoulder blade. A line of...