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Ronnie Barker - Porridge, wonderful memories of a fantastic cast: Barker, Fulton Mackay, Richard Beckinsale et al.


Porridge - The central character is Norman Stanley Fletcher, described as "an habitual criminal". Fletcher is sent to HMP Slade, a fictional Category C prison in Cumberland, alongside his cellmate, Lennie Godber, a naïve inmate from Birmingham serving his first sentence, whom Fletcher takes under his wing. Mr Mackay is a tough warder with whom Fletcher often comes into conflict. Mackay's subordinate, Mr Barrowclough, is more sympathetic and timid – and prone to manipulation by his charges.


Buckwheat: 2 cups water/1 cup buckwheat groats 1/2 tsp salt/2 Tbsp maple syrup/1/2 tsp cinnamon/1 tsp vanilla /1/4 cup rice milk


Porridge a BBC comedy set in the fictional Slade Prison ran between 1974 & 1977 it starred Ronnie Barker, Richard Beckinsale, Fulton Mackay, Brian Wilde, Sam Kelly,Tony Osoba,Michael Barrington and Christopher Biggins