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Water lily pond - Old Harbor Hotel -Kerala, India/waking up here. . .looking out the window. . .like sleepwalking beauty. . .


How Britishes fooled Indians. The Company was dissolved in 1874 as a result of the East India Stock Dividend Redemption Act passed one year earlier, as the Government of India Act had by then rendered it vestigial, powerless and obsolete. Its functions had been fully absorbed into the official government machinery of British India and its private Presidency armies had been nationalised by the British Crown..


This is the south entrance of the Tyambak temple...according to vasthu shastra [ancient Indian architecture theory] ...nothing should be open for any building/structure in the south the God of Death...YAMA resides This Door always remains closed.......and according to vasthu shastra...a temple needs 4 entrances...


In the 1660’s, King Charles II, while in exile, married the Portuguese Infanta Catherine de Braganza. Catherine's dowry was the largest ever registered in world history. Portugal gave to England two million golden crusados, Tangier and Morocco in North Africa, Bombay in India, and also permission for the British to use all the ports in the Portuguese colonies in Africa, Asia and the Americas thus giving England their first direct trading rights to tea


Valparaiso: A Colourful Guide to Chile’s Bohemian Port City

Things to do in Valparaiso - Chile.....Women Crime Alert! Two Punjabi India men, traffickers in women, Ravi/Ravinder Dahiya, sex trafficker born 1970, failed garment company owner, about 45, tall, handsome, white hair, eyeglasses, & helper solicit in Hong Kong, Lantau Island for a non-existent modelling agency.....#RaviDahiyaTraffickerHK1970