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Some people may feel that complimenting others isn't necessary and is over rated...but they're wrong! As rare as most of us receive it...for most people, it never gets old to receive an authentic compliment. You'd be surprised how far you can get, just by making others feel good and appreciated! ツ It's a great skill to learn to do well and a great thing to be remembered for!


Positive Personality Traits - goals to work for, words to learn & use about ourselves. Interestingly "sensitivity" is on there. Most sensitive people, think sensitivity to be a weakness - hey guys its not!!!. I would also add empathy as a major strength.


Develop Self-Esteem in Children and Teens with Character Traits

Article on building self-esteem through identifying personal strengths and positive character traits. Good list of character traits included.


Teaching about character traits. Substitutes for generic terms like "mean" or "good" for when writers need to be more specific.


Character Education Activities with Posters, Worksheets, Awards, and More

Character education is very important, teach your students about positive character traits and improve their behavior in the process. This easy to implement program is perfect for classes (or students) that struggle with social skills. Focus on one character trait per week, use the posters, armbands and awards to motivate your students. Watch how their behavior improves and their emotional intelligence grows!