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Positive teaching

How I Became a More Positive Teacher

Amy was tired of spending all of her energy on the negative behaviors in her classroom. That's when she decided to change her own behaviors.

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Meet the Teacher Newsletter- EDITABLE- Bright Stripes

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Let your students know you think they rock!

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20 Positive Behavior Rewards that Aren't Food

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Classroom Rewards That Won't Break the Bank

"I think most teachers would prefer a world where all students were intrinsically motivated, but it just isn't an everyday reality," says Storie Belden.

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I would use this in my classroom, as it is good to reward your students. Giving them something to work towards that is fun will encourage them to do the right thing. I want to have a controlled classroom! The best classroom in the school!(:

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50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing

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How To Implement Positive Classroom Behavior- An Easy Classroom Management Plan

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