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Post-Holiday Blues Are the Real Deal. Here's How to Recover

It may be light out a little bit later now, but we're still in the last leg of winter (thanks for nothing, Punxsutawney Phil). The frozen season often comes with a series of mood changes -- but how do we know if what we're feeling is just the blues o...

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The Hermitage Pavilion on the grounds of Catherine's Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Top 10 Things To Do In Iceland

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Holiday Detox Blast It's a refreshing recipe that helps cleanse my body of the sugars I've been enjoying for weeks now. I love this one first thing in the morning after my workouts! I made this Blast every morning for three days and I’m happy to say my digestive track is no longer singing the blues. I‘m not craving the sugars of the holidays, either.

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13 Simple Tricks to Get Clear Skin Overnight

Winter months are cozy but all that warmth from the fireplace can wreak havoc on your skin. So take time out at least once a week to give yourself a little at-home spa treatment with one of these DIY beauty recipes.

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How to Kick Your Post-Holiday Blues

How to Kick Your Post-Holiday Blues #holidays #psychology

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10 Post-Holiday Winter Decorating Ideas

Winter lasts almost three months after the holidays are over. After the Christmas decorations are put away, try these warm and cozy ways to brighten your home.

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Slight absence from me recently, we have just got back from 2 weeks away in the sun, we had a great time - but straight back to reality and about 6 loads of washing to do - post holiday blues are n...

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