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Nautilus pompilius (chambered nautilus); from Jean Charles Chenu, Illustrations conchyliologiques … , 1854 See live nautilus in the current exhibition Life at the Limits, and learn more about shells in the new book, The Seashell Collector, a boxed set featuring a booklet by Ilya Temkin, a former postdoctoral researcher at the Museum.

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Wildlife and nature photography award-winning images of 2013 – in pictures

Credit: Moritz Muschick/BMC Ecology Image Competition; This image, taken by postdoctoral researcher Moritz Muschnik from University of Sheffield, depicts the startling camouflage of a stick insect (Timema poppensis) stick insect against its host redwood tree(Sequoia sempervirens)

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This Man Planned the Most Efficient U.S. Road Trip of All Time

A postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania named Randy Olson set out to plan a road trip to see 48 U.S. state capitols in just over eight days. Learn how he did it.

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Karen’s Foolproof Research Proposal Template

Research Proposal as displayed by Dr. Karen Kelsky of the McNair Scholars Program at the University of Oregon


Quantum physics just got less complicated | Quantum physics says that particles can behave like waves, and vice versa. Researchers have now shown that this 'wave-particle duality' is simply the quantum uncertainty principle in disguise. Credit: Timothy Yeo / CQT, National University of Singapore


Researchers found more than 1500 fossils of marine creatures, such as this cheloniellid arthropod, that lived nearly 500 million years ago. Photo: Peter Van Roy/Yale University.