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Mitch Mosbey on

Learning Objectives display shows the WHAT of learning (the objectives), the WHY of learning (connection to overall Unit understanding) and the HOW of learning (indicators of success).


I love this! Our class is really working on transitions. We do great until we have to move! Going to lunch, specials, even to the rug! *sigh* Hopefully something like this will help! We can use it for academic goals too!


Routines: This example is a good way to support learning and develop global competency. Daily objectives for subjects are written in dry-erase marker in plain view of the entire class. By purchasing inexpensive frames, this teacher came up with a routine that establishes daily classroom norms and creates a culture unique to their community. I think if I were to use this in my class, I would try and find some larger frames so that objectives could be viewed from any distance within the…