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One of the more popular posts on this blog is a nontoxic, homemade fly repellent made with believe it or not a penny, some water and a heavy duty zip lock bag. I learned about this trick at a local farm during one of my childrens field trips and it works extremely well... Continue Reading


You Can Be a Great Gardener: Part 5 - Dealing with Garden Pests

Tips and idea for Dealing with Garden Pests like potato bugs, animals eating your plantings, mold and mildew.

from eHow

How to Kill Potato Bugs With a Home Remedy

How to Kill Potato Bugs With a Home Remedy | eHow


How to control the dreaded potato bettle

from Seattle Urban Farm Company

Garlic Pepper Pest Control Spray Recipe

Garlic Pepper Spray is an effective organic method for repelling potato bugs, ants, grubs and other harmful small critters and pests. You will also want to spray this mixture around your garden perimeter to keep  groundhogs, rabbits, deer and other animals.


7 Plants to Help Control Potato Bugs (and some other major garden pests). From Includes companion plantings/natural deterrents, getting rid of the bugs, and making homemade repellent teas or infusions.

from eHow

Natural Bug Spray for Potato Plants

Natural Bug Spray for Potato Plants | eHow

How to Control Potato Beetles {Bugs} - Companion planting will help to deter them from ever settling in because the smell of the companion plants repel the beetles. You’ll want to integrate these plants in between the rows of your potatoes in order for them to be protective: 1.Horseradish 2.Bush Beans 3.Catnip {put these in small pots around your potatoes, because they are like mint and will take over} 4.Cilantro 5.Sweet Allysum 6.Fennel 7.Cosmos 8.Coriander 9.Tansy 10.Marigolds

potato bug -- bad news for your garden -- here's how to get rid of them!