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Eddie Redmayne - I actually did [the Patronus test] twice as it launched. Both times I got the same Patronus. The people from Pottermore told me that that was incredibly rare because of the amount of algorithms it takes to choose the Patronus. So I must really be that thing.


Gryffindors <--I like this a, mood swing...suddenly feeling very, very happy....this is a nice feeling...maybe my futuristic boyfriend is thinking about his futuristic, that took quite a turn....


I just did the Pottermore test and my Patronus turned out to be a beagle! 🐶 Not my favorite animal so we are still getting along (I really liked how they did the quiz though!). What's your Patronus?

After taking dozens of tests and taking all of the Pottermore questions, I have established that I am indeed a Ravenclaw. :) Friend me ! My user is LightLumos3899!