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    Luckily, you don’t need to be a farmer (or even live near a farm) in order to reap the benefits of home-grown produce.

    Genius! Switch out annual plants in your landscaping design by burying pots, then placing potted plants inside like this

    Repot a plant....So this may explain why so many of my plants die....Turns out just dumping it into a bigger pot with more soil isn't how it's done.

    DIY Vertical Plant Hanger tutorial. This project makes a beautiful display for your potted plants without taking up a ton of room. Perfect for small balcony garden.

    6 Great tips for planting a container herb garden. This is a great idea for patios, decks, and balconies!

    Töpfe in unterschiedlichen Formen und Farben bringen Lebendigkeit ins Interior Design #pflanzenfreude

    Whether your buying seeds online for a a huge vegetable garden, or you're just looking to raise a few potted plants or flowers, it's important to get them from the best sources

    102 Container Gardening Ideas | Enjoy nonstop color all season long with these container gardening ideas and plant suggestions. You'll find beautiful pots to adorn porches and patios.

    7. Chinese Money Plant:  Personality Trait: Quirky, Sweet, Charismatic  Care Tips: Light- Bright, indirect light. Water- Drench and allow to dry before watering again. Keep soil well drained.  Mist weekly.

    Borg collection and great planting tips via pistil nursery if your like me and like to make plant pots out of things that aren't made to be plant pots. How to Plant in a Pot Without Drainage Holes

    diyncraftz: How to Guide - Grow Tulips In a Vase Tulips are always great to have! They are a perfect perennial for any garden with their super bright colors. So instead of having to buy them from the store all the time why not try out this neat nifty trick of How To Grow Tulips in a vase! Yes you get to start decorating your rooms with vases of tulips. Follow Us on Tumblr

    Awesome tips and tricks for planting, displaying and maintaining outdoor pots.

    A glowing twist on those terra cotta potted plants ~ have it do triple duty in the evenings by adding citronella candles to repel those mosquitos.

    Beautiful Container Garden with spikes, pink geranium, lantana, violet and magenta petunias, and cascading sweet potato vine.

    TOP 10 Tips on How to Plant, Grow and Care for Hydrangeas - would make a beautiful potted plant for the porch,

    Flower container ideas ! - Tells you the Best Combination of flowers to use in your arrangements.!