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Potting Plants

Put diapers in the bottom of your potted plants. | 32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

31 Home Decor Hacks That Are Borderline Genius: Easily switch out seasonal plants by placing your potted plants IN pots.

Planting a vegetable garden in pots - Place raw uncracked egg in bottom. As it decomposes, it naturally fertilizes your mini- veg garden. Do outside of course!!!

No Garden? Here Are 66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home In Containers « Dr Akilah El – Celestial Healing Wellness Center

Because they’ve already got the holes for drainage, they’re perfect for potting plants! I love the idea of using a colorful vintage pasta strainer. Lovely for indoors or out.

  • Melissa Evans

    Definitely doing this!

  • Alison Mitchell

    Luckily found old tea bag strainers which may look ok once I ' rough them up ' & ' borrowed' your pinned tea pot garden idea? Looks great

  • Bethenia Dixon

    Been looking in second hand shops for vintage enamel colanders since I pinned this 19 weeks ago and haven't found one yet that wasn't ridiculously overpriced :(

  • Alison Mitchell

    Must rummage around op shops for different colours & styles of strainers to " plant beautifully " in my own garden! Could create whole special garden for retired but still useful items? Already re utilised old toilet bowls filled with vegetables so great idea! Thanks for sharing :-))

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13 Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Yard & Deck (With lots of pictures and resources)

Dwarf Meyer Lemon trees are hardy, fragrant plants that grow well as an indoor household potted plant.

Bury a plastic bottle with small holes to water your plant's roots..brilliant in arid climates!

  • Tim Campbell

    Cute idea for temporary gardens but not for long term plants. Roots will infiltrate the bottle and become root bound and the plant will decline from there.

  • Miranda Smith

    why haven't i ever thought of that

  • Eric L

    plastic and organic dont mix

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How to Grow The Aloe Vera Plant.This Plant has healing elements, good for soothing sunburns, and many more uses.

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DIY pot plant ideas. Ok the Pot Plant title makes me snicker. I think that they meant plant pots. But they do look cute!

Gardening in containers Potted plants have special needs. Follow these tips to help them thrive.

10 DIY Pretty Plant Pots You Can Create This Weekend by Kimberly Hughes | The Oak Furniture Land Blog

Going on Vacation? 3 DIY Self Watering Ideas for the Garden

Love the wine glass and candle idea in my container pots on the patio. My patio has a wine inspired theme.

Wine corks are an excellent mulch for potted plants or small beds.

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Love the variety of textures in this planting. And the pop of pink is great, too.

Love this idea of a flower pot wreath with a few herbs or plants | Photo: Bees Knees Bungalow from Bachmans 2011 Summer Ideas House

  • patricia sautter

    How do you put up pictures to get ideas on solving a problem? Trisha

  • patricia sautter

    Love it. Have an old tree that had been cut on my property line years ago. This would look great!

  • Emily Martin

    In the post she has a link to her tutorial. She used a wire wreath form and wire to attach the pots.

  • Rebecca Logan

    what are the pots attached to? it would seem the wreath would be heavy. I absolutely love it and would like to try it.

Did you know that you can simply plant the top of a pineapple in a pot and grow another? And it looks gorgeous!

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How To Plant Annual Flowers So You'll Have Better Flowers Than The Neighbors... the proper way to treat the roots of annuals (and perennials and trees and shrubs) so when you plant you get the best growth.

Patio Planter for Citrus Trees Citrus plants grow well in containers on a sunny patio. Containers also allows for citrus plants to be brought inside if the weather turns cool.

DIY: Great info & lots of pics on what plants work well together when planted in containers - lists the names, if they like shade, if they spill over the side of the pot, etc.

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Newspaper Starter Pots: Why buy them from the store when your children can make them by themselves! This craft will take a couple practice tries before you have all the folds down but once you have it down, it is an awesome project that is even collapsable! You can even craft them in the winter, tuck them away and then use them in the spring/summer!

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coffee filter in the bottom of your flower pot to prevent soil from draining through. Brilliant.

mosaic with broken clay pots | Ideas On How To Repurpose Broken Terra Cotta Pots - Plant Care Today