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Poultry Hatcheries

How to Order Baby Chickens from a Poultry Hatchery

How to Order Baby Chickens from a Poultry Daddy ordered them like this. I let them loose in the house one was like the Lucy episode with baby chicks everywhere!

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Bourbon Red turkeys, a perfect heritage breed. They're slower growing but flavorful. I'm so wanting to grow my own turkey for Thanksgiving. One day soon.

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Find out what NPIP Certification is. You must be NPIP to ship chicks.

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Black Australorps are a popular producer of large brown eggs and are known for their hardiness and persistence in laying - even in hot weather. They can lay up to 250 eggs annually and will lay into winter. When this breed was being developed the breeders focused on utility and still today this is what they are know for. Australorps are known to mature early and are docile and quiet birds, which makes them great for handling and children.

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This has some good ideas going. But I think if would be impossible to keep the chicks inside the brooder box when you open the door. I think a two section door would be better.

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Vent sexing and wing sexing day old chicks proffesional Greg Mignot from oldorchard farms - YouTube

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Nothing more spectacular than a Royal Palm tom turkey...getting one or two this spring!

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This place as gone to the birds!

Light Brahmas (beautiful lil' ladies), massive size with striking plumage, exceptionally quite, gentle, and easy to handle, almost immune to cold weather, good layers of brown eggs especially in winter!

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