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Pouring rain

"Nothin' lasts forever And we both know hearts can change And it's hard to hold a candle In the cold November rain"


Photo of the Day

Swimming in the rain! Rainstorm, Chile. Photograph by Camila Massu


Rain is so BEAUTIFUL - nourishing cities with its tears - I have always dreamt of playing in the rain with my closest friends, soaking up Mother Nature's tears


“ ..Plans never go as planned, ever; that’s just how life is. People spend way too much time dreaming about a future they should be having more nightmares warning them against.. but that doesn't mean you should let those bad dreams scare you away; all those nightmares want is respect. If you give them that, they’ll give you the space you need. Unless, of course, they’re the type of nightmares that have an appetite, then you’re fucked..”


Heroic Neighbor Saves Abandoned Dog Tied To A Tree In The Pouring Rain -

Fotowettbewerb "Wasser" - die 10 Gewinnerbilder

Inclement weather is a great opportunity to capture some unique and fantastic images. Here is a collection of blustery bad weather images for your inspiration


BlueRail - Pouring Rain [Breath Soundtrack]