My husband can sleep at night because he knows if he doesn't wake up in the morning his wife can hold it down on her own. This chick will not need to find a bail out partner, because she is her bail out. He knows the kids will be taken care of and provided for long before I will be. He knows their grief will take precedence over mine and I am a ship that refuses to sink. Now THAT'S being a power couple.

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WE'RE A TEAM. Whatever you lack, I got you. We will balance each other out. Minor setback? Guess we'll make a major comeback. Bad Day? Well I promise you a better night. You need support? I'll be your backboen. I'll keep you motivated and at the top, always. As long as you appreciate me and remain consistent you don't ever have to doubt my loyalty. You got me. I got us.

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There are so many immensely strong woman in my life who have overcome adversities. I'm so fortunate to know them. Im so fortunate to feel their power. @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry

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The WATER Energy Alpha Female - What's your Energy Archetype? - | Private Psychic Assistant for Introverted Alpha Females & Power Couples who are ready to unlock their Authentic Power and leverage their life choices to fulfill and enhance their Signature Soul Legacy™ in career, love, & lifestyle. | ALPHA FEMALE Quotes

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speech 1 Prepare a space for your love. Start here: Select items 40% off with offer code 1LOVE. Its all about doing the inner work required to be complete on your own then teaming up with another who is also committed to the same standards of self love and care. Power couple or bust. This or nothing. Ive learned only I can complete me. Excited to set the world on fire with my twin flame. Reminder to us all not settle with ourselves or…

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