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12 Survival Foods That Will Save You in a Power Outage

canned fruits veggies | 12 Survival Foods That Will Save You in a Power Outage | Best List of Food for Prepping by Survival Life at


Whether you lose power from a hurricane, wind storm, downed tree, or flood, food safety during severe weather is important. If your power goes out, you should know how to keep the food in your refrigerator and freezer safe. Follow these easy steps to save money and keep your family safe from food poisoning.

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21 Winter Survival Items That Every Prepper Should Own

Riding out a power outage means stocking up on items like food, water, and lights, but preparing to do this in the winter requires an additional list.

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DIY Emergency Candles: 6 Different SHTF Candles You Can Make

Normal candles are fine for the odd short power outage, but if you are going to be days or even weeks without power/lighting, you want something bigger and more efficient like a 50 hour candle.  The problem is these are expensive… The good news is…