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Powerpoint Trial

Super Easy Step-by-Step Instructions! How to create printables without Photoshop!  by Ella Claire

How to Create a Printable Without Photoshop


Salem Witch Trials Introductory PowerPoint -- The Crucible, Puritans


The Crucible Unit Plan Bundle -- Worksheets, PowerPoint, Handouts

Everything you need for your unit plan on Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, is here in this mega bundle. With more than pages, you'll get: A


Salem Witch Trials Introductory PowerPoint -- The Crucible, Puritans


New England Colonies PowerPoint

Visually engaging PowerPoint lesson on the New England Colonies! Great slides on everything from the Salem Witch Trials, Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, through the development of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Fantastic for many levels of students!


This is an awesome PowerPoint presentation that is going to help you teaching Conclusions using The Trial of Cardigan Jones. It has the objectives, vocabulary, different kind of HOT level questions and the answers. If you are a Bilingual Teacher in Florida or any other State that has Journeys (Senderos) as a resource, this presentation will make your life easier.

Free Trial-Make sure you like the format before trying others.This was one of my least favorite lessons to teach. It was difficult to get the students to focus on the objective and it took too long to teach. It still takes awhile, but putting it on PowerPoint helped reduce teaching time (our district is stringent about curriculum schedule) and increased understanding.