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One year after GPF where Otabek trains in Russia. “spend the night” = cuddling and playing games don’t get me wrong ppl :3 — i have a major test in less than two weeks drawing otayuri calms me (?) ok now get back into studying /crawls P.S. replaced...

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The Private Pilot Checkride – 37 Lessons to Reach the Dream

Private Pilot Journal - The sun setting on my training

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How to Get Your Private Pilot's License (How to become a pilot) (How to be a pilot). Read the rest of this entry »

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2017: Brand new year, brand new first family.

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Four basic types of flaps - Airplane Flying Handbook - Chapter 11

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when the watergate tapes were revealed he was forced from office. today ppl see it, hear it & act like it's normal. you can't normalize the sh*t that is going on in America in 2016-17. you cannot.

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Flying Principles,Aircraft Printe,Student Pilot,Procedures,Flight School,Aircraft Art,Aircrafts,Airplanes

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The Sideslip Approach - Airplane Flying Handbook - Chapter 8

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why you need so much right rudder

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