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Super cute and it's FREE! Must have for teaching about classifying animals! She also has the matching guided notes AND test for FREE! Topics Include: *Vertebrates and Invertebrates *Vertebrates Included: Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals *Vertebrate Characteristics (for each group): how they breathe, body covering, how they're born, body temperature. *Invertebrate Characteristics

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Quoted Speech PowerPoint and Task Cards

Explanation and practice for how to use quotations in research and narrative dialogue. Topics include the importance of using exact quotes, attributions for formal and narrative quotes, incorporating partial quotes into the text, and punctuation rules for quotations. Includes editable PPT, handout, task cards, and expansion activities.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

El Tiempo Spanish Weather Research Project

Spanish weather / El Tiempo research project - research cities in Spanish-speaking countries - handwritten and digital versions (ppt and Google Slides)

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