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My idea for helping kids learn how to read music: color by note. Easy enough to make by yourself...I did it.


There are 50 driving theory test questions below, the pass mark is 43 and the test should be completed in 57 minutes or less. Once you have completed the theory test, click on "Submit Answers for Grading" to get your results.

Art Projects for Kids: CD Mandala 4th or 5th grade: Instead of drawing directly on the CD, have students trace it and make a template on drawing paper, then cut that out and glue it to the printed side of the CD, leaving the silver side to show.


Put fretjam's beginner guitar lessons to the test and see how fast you develop. Learn to play guitar with these unique and easy to follow beginner guitar lessons.


The figure for pedestrian casualties on UK roads in 2013 was over 24,000 with 27% of motorists claiming that they have had to swerve or break to avoid hitting phone-using pedestrians while 8% admitted to actually hitting them.