Mother knows best: Touching snaps show a whole host of patient parents bonding with their boisterous babies in the animal kingdom | Mail Online

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PRAIRIE DOG....found in Western North America from Canada to Mexico on the prairies and plateaus....a body length of 11.81 – 15.75 inches and a weight of 1.10 pound – 3.31 its name from settlers because of their high-pitched, bark-like call.....a prairie dog town discovered in Texas in 1900 was the size of the state of was thought to contain some 400 million prairie dogs in its tunnels

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Heart Shaped Spot by Sue Cullumber | Prairie Dogs at the Phoenix Zoo - heart is natural!

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I love you . no I love you more. I love you so much more im going to suck your face off. -Prairie dog

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Hungry Prairie Dog - @Elizabeth Pear , I thought you needed a cute, fat rodent in your life today. Enjoy.

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