Pray to paris

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lets pray for world peace | ... objects and shopping, a little reminder to remember Pray for Peace

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.Let us Pray for the People in Paris. O Lord you are a mighty God. Will you please stop this. Let us live in peace.

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FOLLOWERS IN FRANCE: I'm praying for you all. Today...and probably the next few weeks are going to be hard. I know you all can get through this. You're strong, and I know you can overcome this. I'm sorry that you're hurting...and I wish I could somehow send a whole bunch of love and puppies to you. If you need anyone to message, I'm here. Hang in there, guys. /:) You are loved, and soon, this hell will come to an end. Until then, keep being strong for us.❤️

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A real hands on craft! Alginate/plaster of paris sculptures. | Mom Spark™ - I had my kids' praying hands cast like this professionally, but this tutorial makes it look fairly easy. Note - a manicure is recommended before casting as hangnail, etc. detail will show.

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Notre Dame, Paris. I love this cathedral. It's so peaceful and quiet. I love to just gaze at the architecture and the art and pray.

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With so many threats going around, there is no wonder some parents are being a bit overprotective with their kids. I for one am a ‘where you going, who you going with, why do you have to go, …

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Post your Prayer Requests on #Instapray. Pray with the whole world ---->

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