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This simple construction paper prayer chain will give kids an idea of how the prayers from “two or more” join to create a mighty force. It will also give you an opportunity to bring up a great prayer scripture from Revelation 8 that will help kids understand just how real prayer power is!


This is a paper chain cross created at Lord of Life Lutheran in Worthington, OH. They linked the news together during lent to shape this cross. At easter, the chains fell down to fall at the feet of the second cross made of books. Very very cool.


It's the last day of #WeekofPrayerCBN - please keep the prayer chain going! Post your prayer request, then find a comment below and reply in agreement to their prayer. Let's lift each other up!


22" KONOV Jewelry Polished 2-Tone Lord Prayer Stainless Steel Necklace Large Cross Pendant,Silver Black, 22 inch Chain KONOV Jewelry. Save 80 Off!. $8.99. Pendant arrives with one quality stainless steel chain.. Pendant Height: 2.68"(6.8cm) Width: 1.5"(3.8cm). Color: Silver & Black; Material: Stainless Steel. Chain Length: "(0cm) Width: 3mm


Prayer Chain for your students. A great way to encourage participation and pray for each others needs.