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Precious Metals

from Corey Egan

Precious Metals Comparison

When shopping for an important piece of jewelry, most of my clients know the design or style they've set their hearts on. But when asked about their preference for precious metals, their answers can be a bit more hazy. It can be confusing parsing through your wide variety of options. Even if you’re sure of your preferred color, you may not know the physical properties of each choice, let alone why one warrants a higher price tag than another. I hope to answer some of those big…


The essential guide to choosing and buying your wedding rings


However, if you are on the highway or on an outing in society and should make a decision to consume something that isn’t so insalubrious, it might be smart to experience around having a major fast...

Platinum is the rarest and most expensive precious metal – more so than either gold or silver. And platinum crystals are even rarer – so rare that, until a few years ago, they were considered to be the rarest objects on the face of the earth!


Tea caddy, german, Hanau approx. 1900s, 800 silver, manufacturer's brand Gebr…


Smoky quartz crystals from Switzerland


Silver's Volatility Makes It The Precious Metal Of Choice - slv | Seeking Alpha

Precious Metals Waiting For Sept. 21 - Lots Of Volatility In The Meantime - gld | Seeking Alpha


Vintage Set of Six German .800 Silver Coffee Spoons with Rose design

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