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Precision Metal Fab

ACCU-FAB, Inc. specializes in assembly integration, program management and product distribution with precision metal fabrication, stamping, machining, decorative finishing, and screen printing.

This Script Ohio metal wall decor, made from 1/8 thick aluminum , is a clean-looking, unique way to display Ohio State pride. Each sign is


Ashoka Group specialize in precision sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing of heavy structural fabrication using steel, aluminum, ferrous, non-ferrous alloys. Our expertise and knowledge through our strong engineering techniques allows us to manufacture almost everything out of anything. We offer a complete range of services, from simple fabrication to complex, fully engineered systems.


Ol' Joint Jigger Tube and Pipe Notcher, Model# RTN1000

"The Ol' Joint Jigger is a must have for any metal fabrication shop. It is quite capable and efficiently cuts through up to 1-1/2" sch 80 extra heavy duty pipe providing precision copes through a wide range of angles. I recommend the use of a high quality bi-metal bit and copious amounts of cutting oil. The cheaper imitations are exactly that. This is a quality tool." -rFab1227 from KS


Woodward-Fab Professional English Wheel Metal Forming Center (WFEW-CENTER). Professional Metal Forming Center. 33″ Throat Depth English Wheel with 8″ Dia Top. Wheel for Easy Rolling and 8 Precision Anvils. 3-1/2″ Throat Depth Foot Operated Shrinker Stretcher Machine with adjustable tensioner. 12″ leather Shot bag on it’s own beating station. 6″ steel doming head, and dedicated shaping station for additonal removable heads 3-1/2″ Dia locking Urethane Casters.