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Compound Predicate Examples and Definition

Click for easy-to-follow examples, definitions and usage of Compound Predicates. Great reference source for students in class or at home.

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Subject and Predicate Sentence Writing Fun WS - Middle School

This worksheet introduces students to the concept of subjects and predicates, the building blocks of complete sentences. The top part is cloze notes, the middle is practice identifying subject and predicate examples, and the bottom is a chance for students to creatively match subjects and predicates to write silly sentences.


Select Top Query Select Top n Records Predicate Example Have you ever had the need to get the 3rd record from a table using a query only? Well, in case you want to know how to do it here is the select top records query solution:

Compound and Complex Sentences. Simple Sentence A simple sentence is a complete thought. It has a complete subject and a complete predicate. Example:


SQL Predicates are simple but important to understand for full use of the query programming language. There are five predicate functions: Select All Select Distinct Select Distinctrow Select Top Select Top Percent


Simple, Compound or Complex Sentences. Simple Sentences A simple sentence expresses a complete thought. It has a subject and a predicate. Ex: Satchel.

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Definition and Examples of Predicates in English Grammar

Predicate - Definition and Examples Grammar is so 'importante'. Going to brush up on the basics with my son to be sure the teachers didn't miss anything. =)

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Java 8's java.util.function.Predicate tutorial with examples