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Pregnancy Calculator By Lmp

Calculating the due date. Use the black row for the first day of your last period and the blue row is the due date!


Need to calculate your due date? Check out the FREE American Pregnancy Association pregnancy calculator to help you predict your due date. Put your LMP and average cycle length in the pregnancy calculator and we will provide an estimate of when your baby should be born.


Pregnancy Length Months Weeks Days Trimesters Convertor Calculator convert Weeks into Months - Baby2see


Naegele’s Rule - The rule estimates the expected date of delivery [EDD]. 1st- Calculate the date of your LAST MENSTRUAL PERIOD. The 1st day of your last period. This is very important, so remember CAREFULLY! Let’s use today’s date as our example. LMP: Month 08/ Day 03/ Year 2011 2nd- Subtract 3 months / add 7 days / add 1 year [and yes, you may use your fingers to count, if you’d like.] Answer: Month 08 - 03 = 05 Day 03 + 07 = 10 Year 2011 + 01 = 2012 Due Date: 05/10/20


Your Developing Baby, Week by Week

Your baby begins as a tiny cluster of cells, but during the nine-month process of pregnancy she becomes an amazing baby with facial features, a beating heart and kicking legs. Find out what's happening with baby's development week by week.


Due Date Calculator, Original due date based on LMP was June 26. by the 9th and 19th week sonogram she is scheduled to appear on June 23/24.