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Pregnancy Symptoms By Week

9 Week Pregnancy - Week by Week

Ninth Week Pregnancy and Ultrasound 9th week of the Pregnancy - Baby size and weight Baby on the 9th week of pregnancy: In a nine-week pregnancy, the size of the baby is about 2 cm and the weight is 2 grams. According to the last menstrual period, after the ninth week has passed, the baby is called the fetus, not the embryo (after 8 weeks from fertilization). The ninth week is the end of the embryonic period, the fetal period begins after the end of this week. Bone and…


A Timeline of Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Symptoms won't start until the fourth week-when a woman can expect to miss her period and may experience mild cramping and blood spotting. Learn the when and why with this timeline of early pregnancy symptoms


Pregnancy Week by Week – 1 to 40 Weeks Analysis by Stages :::::::::::::::: Pregnancy is the most wonderful feeling a woman experiences in her lifetime. It all starts with a missed periods and a rush of excitement follows. Symptoms like nausea and back ache are commonly seen in the first three months of pregnancy.


Your Changing Body Week-by-Week

From the time of conception until the time you give birth, find out what to expect with our week-by-week look at your changing body.