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Pregnancy Underwear

use baby wipes instead of toilet paper. If you have a lot of heavy bleeding, use disposable underwear (Depends). Just stick a big fat pad in for a liner and change that for the day. I swelled up so much even my largest pair of pregnancy underwear cut into me, i didnt have to lift my super heavy legs in/out of multiple pairs & the Tucks were amazing! nipple shield, granny panties, belly bandit with c section


DIY Padsicle Kit - Padsicles provide soothing and cooling relief following a vaginal birth. These pads will be your best friend during recovery, and this kit contains everything you will need to make them at home before baby arrives! Witch Hazel Lavender Essential Oil Aloe Vera Gel 14 Maternity Pads  2 Mesh Underwear


Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper pregnancy Swaistband provides support and relieves pressure. No legband, no bulge or seam on thigh. Cotton gusses, wear as underwear every day. Makes love handles and cellulite disappear under that form-fitting dress. **Has one run in the belly area from my nail catching, but it still does the job just fine. SPANX Intimates & Sleepwear Shapewear


10 Products Most Moms-to-Be Didn't Know Existed Before Getting Pregnant: Throughout pregnancy, expectant moms are bombarded with advertisements and advice for products that will make them comfortable and provide their lil' ones with the best possible start.

from Belly Bandit

Thighs Disguise includes Palmer's® Stretch Mark Lotion

ThighsDisguise - it not only smooths out your belly under tight dresses, pants, or other garments, but it helps to create a smoother silhouette while shaping your booty, hips, and thighs. It can also be worn as underwear to eliminate panty lines.