The Stages of Feline Labor - When Your Cat Gives Birth As Always spay and neuter is and will always be, the best solution. I'm posting this with hope for strays out there to get help, if you come across of a pregnant cat. Learning is always good, compassion forever welcome.

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Do you have a pregnant cat? There's no need to panic. Keep reading to learn how you can help your cat through her pregnancy and the 3 stages of labor.

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Final Stretch - About to give birth and looks as grumpy and miserable as any woman in her last trimester.

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Cat Pregnancy : signs that your cat is pregnant. If you love cats, you'll Like our FB page

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How to Build a Cat Birthing Box. Have a pregnant cat? A lot of people don't know that cats need a dark enclosed space to feel safer. Make a nesting box so mama kitty is less likely to hide her kittens in dangerous or in reachable places around the house.

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How to Help a Pregnant Cat

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Is your cat pregnant? Find out what to expect when your cat is expecting, and how you can take care of your pregnant cat and her new kittens.

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LOL here the lo-down straight from a veterinarian.... If your cat is not spayed and has EVER been outside unsupervised then she is more than likely pregnant. Cats are worse than rabbits. SPAY and NEUTER your pets!

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