Med Math for Nurses: Conversion, formulas, & cheat sheets for Metric to American system, standard to military time, kg to lb weight, inches to cm height, Celsius to Fahrenheit temperature, continuous IV infusion & intravenous drips, pediatric maintenance fluid rate, & epidemiology (prevalence, distribution, frequency) @iStudentNurse #NurseHacks

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Find out which nursing prerequisites are best to complete online! Learn how to quickly and affordably earn college credit for your nursing degree...

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How to Design the Perfect Undergraduate Course Curriculum to Get into PA School

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Prerequisites for Nursing - Norton Safe Search

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Any nursing student knows that their first round of final exams in nursing school can come as a very stressful moment. It is all understandable, because with al

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Managing Bad grades in Nursing prerequisites

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Never though I'm not in nursing school yet, doing my prerequisites, I tell myself this everyday!

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