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The majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. She won the popular vote by 1.7 MILLION votes; and they're still counting ballots. The electoral college votes on Dec 19th. There's still hope that Donald Trump will let his true Colors shine in the coming weeks and electoral college members will cast their votes, not with the state; but with the majority.

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Promotional buttons from the campaigns of presidential candidates (1940-2008)

An interesting collection of political campaign buttons from the 1940's through 2008. They manage to say so much with their simple messages.

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You can make up your own LaCroix flavor with this online generator

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A look inside the complex relationship between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, 2 of the most powerful people on the planet

Then US Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pose for photographers prior to the CNN/Los Angeles Times Democratic presidential debate in Hollywood, California January 31, 2008. President Laura Chinchilla Miranda, Costa Rica Vice-Minister of Security 1994-96, Minister of Public Security, Interior and Police 1996-98, 1. Vice-President and Minister of Justice 2006-08 and Acting Minister of Security in 2008. Resigned to become Liberal Party Presidential Candidate for the 2010-elections which she won.(b. 1959-).

25.02.2013- President Park Geun-hye, South Korea MP 1998-2012, Chairperson of the Grand National Party 2004-06, Candidate in the party primaries for presidential candidate in 2008, Leader of Saenuri (Renamed GNP) 2011-12. Unmarried and no child(b. 1952-)


Obama mocks Republican presidential field over economy

President Obama defended his economic record, while mocking the crowded field of Republican presidential candidates who plan to attack it during next year's election. While the economy is improving, Obama said the nation is "still shell-shocked" from the financial meltdown of 2007 and 2008. Many people lost their homes, jobs, and savings, the president told Fox News Sunday, "and they still don’t fully know how that happened, and was the system fixed in a way that they can have confidence…