Presidential Election ~ The Bilderberg - Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, Jacob Rothschild, & David Rockefeller (google = Bilderberg)

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20 Books to read with your students during the US Presidential Elections or around President's Day. Election books for students to learn about the election process, our past Presidents, and so much more. Only at Mrs. D's Corner.

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With the build up to the Presidential Elections happening later this year, this infographic template uncovers what it takes to hold the position of the most powerful leader in the world. This template is best used to visualize a process or step-by-step guide for any topic. | Create your #infographic at

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The Presidential Election comes around once every 4 years. It's important for our students to know how a person can become the President of the United States, along with other information about our government and the Presidential candidates. Use these interactive notebook foldables to create a one-of-a-kind, election keepsake! Create a unique, election bulletin board with your completed lapbooks. Only at Mrs. D's Corner.

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In celebration of Election Day, kids at our hospital got to cast their vote for the next president and a few other key issues, like limits on sugary drinks and which is better, cat or dog. Complete with a kid-sized voting booth and mail-in ballots for patients unable to leave their room, kids experienced democracy first-hand!

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Lesson plans and reproducibles for teaching the presidential election process, from nominations to inauguration! $

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This adorable activity gets your students thinking about what life would be like if they were President... Perfect for President's Day, as well as during Election season. Guaranteed to illicit some adorable and thoughtful responses! Thanks and happy teaching :o)

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