Headless horseman silhouette. 1 and a half 4x8 sheets 1/2" pressure treated plywood with pumpkin on arm stand. Impressive at sunset. Needs to be in front of something that is well lite at night to get the best effect. Was a crowd pleaser.

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3/4 pressure treated plywood over 2x4 framing with R13 insulation in the batts.

So this entire structure is created out of flat sheets of pressure treated plywood. Very detailed & intricate, the structure is a full two-story “gazebo” with fantastic design elements. Layers upon layers of intricately cut sheets create this dramatic effect. And a splash of theatrical lighting doesn’t hurt any either!

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23/32 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. APA-Rated Sheathing Pressure-Treated Plywood-261688 at The Home Depot

Done with the subfloor. 3/4" pressure treated plywood with "hot mopped" roofing asphalt on top. Should be waterproof for a thousand years! Www.sandiegopontoon.com San Diego Pontoon Boat Rental

This outdoor room looks expensive. but that's just what the homeowner wants you to think. Inexpensive building materials such as gravel, cinder blocks, and pressure-treated wood form the backbone of the design. Tile backboard and salvaged plywood, stained a soft blue and attached to a custom frame, give the tiny yard privacy.

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Give your outdoor table a brand-new shape and size with pressure-treated plywood.

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