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Image of Prester John, enthroned, in a map of East Africa in Queen Mary's Atlas, Diego Homem, 1558. (British Library, Add. 5415 A, folio 15 verso


A map of Prester John's kingdom as Ethiopia. Letter of Prester John. No more of the tale is recorded until about 1165 when copies of what was certainly a forged Letter of Prester John started spreading throughout Europe. An epistolary wonder tale with parallels suggesting its author knew the Romance of Alexander and the above-mentioned Acts of Thomas, the Letter was supposedly written to the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus (1143–1180) by Prester John, descendant of one of the Three…


Prester John Il prete Ianni, Re d'Ethiopia. Priest John (Prester John) continued for centuries what still capture the imagination throughout Europe. Until the eighteenth century in Europe you find Heroic portraits of him.


The time when “EVERYONE” in Europe was White does not exist. They knew what people with brown skin looked like because they were there. They knew what “Africans” looked like because they were there, and they weren’t “they”, they were us, or you. | People of Color in European Art History