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The Gangsters: Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd - Modern Day Robin Hood or Notorious Killer?

Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd ... The Roaring 20’s was a time of great celebration and independence, but in Oklahoma, it was also a time of bootleggers, outlaws, and gangsters. Floyd's image changed during the last 5 years of his life. He was always known as a local “Robin Hood”, but after he gained national attention, he vaulted to the status of “hero” to the common man.

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Pretty Boy Floyd, The Kansas City Massacre, and His MURDER By the F.B.I.

Charles Arthur Floyd was born in Barlow County, Georgia; on February the third, nineteen hundred and four years following the year of our Lord. Like many of the poor "whites" of the South, my own grandparents included, he spent a large part of his...

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Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd Biography. "If you'll gather 'round me, children, A story I will tell 'Bout Pretty Boy Floyd, an outlaw, Oklahoma knew him well." Woody Guthrie

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Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd, Public Enemy No. 1, died in a hail of gunfire. October 22 1934

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Wanted Poster Reward Poster John Dillinger - Baby Face Nelson - Pretty Boy Floyd - Bonnie and Clyde Public Enemy No.1

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From left to right: Floyd's ex-wife Ruby, Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd, and Bessie Mayberry (Ruby's aunt) at Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1932. FBI archives From: The Life and Death of Pretty Boy Floyd by Jeffery S. King

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