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Cross-Stitch Pattern Very Pretty Hate Machine

Cross-Stitch Pattern Very Pretty Hate Machine by hardcorestitchcorps on Etsy

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Pretty hate machine News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip

All time favorite albums: Represents: My darkness, angst, introspection and newfound Trent Reznor crush

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NIN - Pretty Hate Machine. 25 years later and this album still kills! Not into their new stuff as much as the old.

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youre like the blood under my nails, so hard to wash out and existing only as a reminder of the awful things i've done

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Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine Vinyl LP

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Today's DDTS was "Head Like a Hole" from act Nine Inch Nails. It's from the album Pretty Hate Machine, released October 20, 1989.

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