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Prevent bullying

Bullying Activities Role Plays and Poster Set

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Bucket Filling Power Point

Help prevent bullying in your classroom by explaining the concept of Bucket Filling to your students. Bucket Filling gives students a great visual as well as a concrete way to talk about their feelings and how others are affecting them. This colorful presentation outlines the major points and concepts of bucket filling in a child friendly way!

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5 Ways to Stop Bullying. This Character Ed Activity inspired a passionate discussion with my 6th grade students. It's simple but powerful. We used decorative scissors and foam to make it fun.

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Bullying: This is a video that I used in my anti-bullying presentation. I think that this video very well explains the realities of bullying. It would be a good video to show to students to help them have a better understanding of what bullying is. 9977

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Assertive phrases for kids to use when someone is being mean to them.
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5 steps kids can take if they’re being picked on or bullied. These steps can also help prevent kids from being bullied. Each of the steps be...

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