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PS4 Pro launch day deals: save big on your new 4K PS4 Read more Technology News Here --> The PS4 Pro launches today unleashing an era of 4K and HDR visuals for a wide range of PlayStation 4 games and video streaming services. Such a powerful upgrade won't come cheap but that's why we're here - to find you the cheapest option for a launch day PS4 Pro deal. First up take a look at our comparison widget below which is regularly updated with the best prices…

The most popular Black Friday TV deal is still available Read more Technology News Here --> If youre looking for a new TV youll be browsing through what seems like a mountain of Black Friday deals. Stop! Instead go straight to this amazing 40-inch Samsung UE40KU6020 Ultra HD HDR TV deal giving you the very latest technology for a bargain basement price of just 349. This cracking 4K TV offer comes courtesy of John Lewis so you know youre in good hands…

Cyber Monday PS4 deals: the best offers are at GameStop and eBay Read more Technology News Here --> If you missed the insane amount of PS4 bundles on Black Friday fear not for there are a few Cyber Monday deals on Sonys latest console that put even those to shame. Some of which even give you lots of options for how to bundle your shiny new game box. However the absolute best PS4 deal has to go to the king of video game retail GameStop. Today you can score…


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Drop Everything - PlayStation Has Just Slashed the Price of PS4 for four days only | Man of Many

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With Trump in office one promise is Tariffs on foreign imports. Who in the USA is ready for a possible 45% increase in the price of video games & game consoles? #Playstation4 #PS4 #Sony #videogames #playstation #gamer #games #gaming