The Activation Sequence for the Motor Areas - The Brain From Top to Bottom

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parasagittal view of cerebral cortex primary motor sensory association multimodal functional areas

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Functional Areas Diagram I. Motor Areas (posterior part of the frontal lobes) Primary motor cortex - precentral gyrus in the frontal lobe La...

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Maternal use of acetaminophen during pregnancy and risk of autism spectrum disorders in childhood: A Danish national birth cohort study

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Lateral view of the cerebral cortex showing the principal gyri and sulci. Major structures include the central sulcus and the precentral (primary motor), premotor, and postcentral (primary somatosensory) gyri. Also note the gyri situated rostral to the premotor cortex, including the orbital gyri, which mediate higher order intellectual functions and contribute to the regulation of emotional behavior. Brocas motor speech area and Wernickes area (for reception of speech) are important areas…

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THE MOTOR CORTEX-from "The Brain from Top to Bottom". Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources

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"In boys, the primary motor cortex, responsible for controlling basic motor functions was most impacted. For girls, the prefrontal region of the brain, responsible for controlling motivation and emotional regulation was most affected." (Words added on

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